What Lights You Up?

For us, it’s emerging smart-home technology.


It’s providing truly caring customer service that doesn’t end when the install is done. And, to be frank, it’s knowing we’re keeping Ontarians off of their rooftops and safe on the ground.


Some of us on the Apex Impressions team are utterly humourless about turning the tide on climate change and making sure every family is doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. For others of us on the team, we care about the bottom line and reducing monthly household running costs and bills. And all of us care about creating a beautiful home that reflects the joyous celebrations and special occasions that occur for the families inside each house we work on.


We are a compact, close-knit family business - no client is ever lost in a bureaucratic process when they need support of any kind with their system. Now, it’s time to meet the founders.


Phil Keall

Pioneer of  Commerce

It is believed by some that Philip Keall has ripped a hole in the time-space continuum. As a father of three, a National Account Manager for a global manufacturer and the entrepreneur behind the founding of Apex Impressions, Phil gets more done in one day than is theoretically possible. And he still coaches his kid’s little-league teams.

Having experienced the dangers of installing strand-lighting on his own home, teamed with his background and education in engineering,  The call to create Apex Impressions was too strong to ignore.


Phil Keall


Matt Sabell

Chief of Customer Experience

Police Academy, post-secondary for nuclear physics, Real-estate wizard, carpenter, #girldad; All of this comes together in Mathew Sabell, the renaissance man at Apex Impressions. Whether being the face of the team by introducing clients to our product, or up the ladder and on the roof supporting installs, Mathew has his hand in all parts of company. And thank goodness - when you’re two-parts Dad, one part emerging-tech enthusiast and three more parts…loquacious, you need to be a founding member of the team that saves the world from bad lighting.


Matt Sabell


Dave Keall

Master of Installations

David Keall is extremely good at three things: creative on-the-spot troubleshooting, immaculate finishing and attention to detail, and kicking into a scary fifth-gear in a foot race. 

Along with his brother and Apex Impressions co-owner Philip, Dave went to school for engineering, but has found his happy place being his own boss and trekking the rooftops of southern Ontario as our Master Installer. He is also a classically trained Trumpet player, but hasn’t played the morning bugle call on anyone’s rooftop yet.


Dave Keall

Our Inception Story

We don’t just talk about the dangers of homeowners hanging lights and switching out exterior bulbs themselves - it’s why we built the company.


“As a new home owner, I was excited to put Christmas lights all over my house,” a sentiment just about every new home owner shares with our President, Philip Keall. After attempting to hang lights from his treacherous roof peak, Phil thought better of it and started to come down. But as he descended, he’d unknowingly already made a completely innocent but very crucial mistake - an improper setup caused the centre of gravity on the ladder to shift. Down from the second story of a very tall house he fell. Phil was lucky to have landed mostly on the lawn, but his injuries had him looking as if he’d gone 7 rounds in the ropes with Rocky. He and his family were very nearly in a life altering situation. 


After healing from the fall, Phil recounts “I wanted something permanent. Over the years I noodled around with some design ideas and even put some things on paper. But the system design was always lacking something, and not up to my standards as a home owner.”


Then Phil came across Gemstone Lights, based out of Calgary. The more he researched, the more he found that Gemstone had thought of all the solutions to the challenges he faced with his own concepts. “We assembled our team and jumped at the opportunity to provide safe, permanent smart-lighting solutions for businesses and home owners.”

More From The Apex

As our customers continue to recommend us to their friends and families, and their dog-walking neighbours get to see just how beautiful and brilliant our customer's homes are, our company continues to grow.

Our executive team is excitedly developing plans to expand on the smart products & services that we can offer our clients

Stay tuned!