Never hang lights again! - From pot light accents to full holiday lighting



Make your house Shine! 

More than just holiday lights...

Can your lights do this?

Choose any light 

Flexibility to select each LED bulb to give you a potlight look highlighting your home in beautiful warm or bright white.

Never Hang lights again

With the push of a button select eye catching animations or choose any colour you wish.

Endless possibilities

Out spook them all

Quickly change to a spooky theme or a ghostly pattern that all trick-or-treaters will love.


Easily control your lights from the app, using preset themes and full colour options.

From birthdays to sporting events

APP comes loaded with animation themes for Sports, Disney, Easter, St. Patricks etc. Create your own flowing patterns and other fun custom movements

Hidden until you make them shine! 

The Lights fit perfectly under your soffit in a low profile track that is colour matched to your soffit.


Show off your national pride 

Whether its Canada day or any holiday you celebrate. What better way to get into the spirit and show off you true colours.


Let us show you how we can make your house Shine! 

How we install


Our LEDs will last 50,000 hours on average so generally, no maintenance is needed however, each bulb is easily changed and we offer a full 3-year warranty on our products.

Waterproof Connections

All LEDs and components are connected with a waterproof seal and tucked under a low profile track ensuring your lights will work in all types of weather from extreme cold to extreme heat.


A typical two story house can be anywhere between $2-$3k. It really depends on how much track your home requires. The best thing for us to do is swing by, measure it up and provide you with a free no obligation quote.

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